My lazy chunky monkey thinks she’s a queen - she’s using my leg as a hammock!!!

Experimental Protein packed gluten/wheat free mini pancake muffins!!! Half mixed with half scoop each of Nutella and pb!! Awesome mix I must say! Great for those morning cravings and breakfast on the go!!!

Best tasting tortilla chips ever!!!!!!

She’s mugging for the camera… Such a diva

Another successful original thrown-together-from-what-I-had-in-my-cabinet-on-the-fly recipe! Super fast, super easy (great for a college student) and not super unhealthy! Gluten/wheat free elbow pasta (Tinkyada my fave), some protein (I used chicken Vienna sausage but you can replace with hotdog, sausage, chicken, ground beef/turkey or no meat), garlic, onion, some basil, kalamata olives, a little bit of pasta sauce (spicy arrabbiata), and a sprinkle of feta cheese. If I had more veggies I would’ve added Swiss chard/spinach/kale, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, etc etc. I love Greek salads so that was the inspiration for this mix. I didn’t add any salt or pepper because the kalamata olives are already pretty strong.

Super easy somewhat healthy stuffed with a piece of mozzarella and pepperoni crescents!! Yummy!

Sometimes I spend more than 8 hours on my feet in the lab a day - this does wonders on soothing and softening at the end of the day! It is one of the best products I’ve found you must try it for yourself. Walgreens!

I am so blessed with the greatest parents in the world. Tho far from being perfect they’ve always followed their hearts and have tried their best at teaching their children the most important things in life - specifically love. They raised me to be a good person; to be thoughtful of others’ feelings; to always be honest and sincere where our loved ones are concerned. Both my mom & dad have always had a knack for choosing the most meaningful hallmark-worthy cards and this birthday card tops any of the cards they’ve ever picked out for me in all my youth or adult life. The words in it speak so loudly of how much I’m loved and appreciated. I hope I can pass down this valuable trait to my future children…

Somewhat healthy meal… Swiss chard, mushrooms, onion, garlic and bacon stir fry with gluten&wheat free pasta!

Gluten free macaroni pasta, albacore tuna, red sweet onion, celery, hotdog, garlic, cilantro, sea salt, pepper, red chili flakes, bacon bits, and light mayo

There’s something about browsing pet stores that just makes my day a little lighter and happier… Wouldn’t it be nice if all humans could love each other like these little guys??

A box of Stoned wheat crackers.

I thank God for little moments like these… my sister and I walked into Save Mart to find some snacks and drinks for our mini road trip and for whatever reason, I started crackin up when I saw this on the shelf!  Maybe it was because I’d never heard of a box of crackers with “stoned” in their name before.  I was seriously laughing for a good minute and IT FELT GOOD.  It wiped away any of the melancholy I was feeling from the past few days and I was suddenly refreshed.